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        Development Planning & Engineering

        Civil Engineering ? Transportation ? Site Development ? Land Surveying

        Get To Know Us

        What makes us different? Find out on our About Us page!

        What We Do

        Learn more about the services that we offer and our different projects!

        Join Our Team

        ?See if you would be a good fit for our competitive positions and apply today!


        DPE is a pleasure to work with. Their level of professional service and overall knowledge of all aspects of engineering are superb.”

        ?Bob Cowhig, Stone Mountain Memorial Association


        Our Mission

        DPE aims to provide professional engineering and land surveying services to the public and private sector using sound principles with the understanding of economics and schedule to maintain accessibility to our clients at all times.

        Meeting Deadlines

        At DPE we realize that timely design is a benefit to the client, the engineer, and other companies and contractors involved in the projects.


        Our Experience

        We pride ourselves on our experience and professionalism. Since our inception in 1999, DPE has proudly and effectively served a wide array of clients.

        Partnering With Us

        Our approach is simple, to work with you to make your project a success. When you partner with DPE you gain strength through our experience and confidence through our reputation meeting project goals in a timely and efficient manner.

        • Transportation 47% 47%
        • Residential, Commercial, Industrial 51% 51%
        • Other 2% 2%

        Join Our Team

        DPE?is interested in applicants that have a desire to learn, be cross trained and grow in responsibility for developing projects within the company. For more info, click this box.

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